Why is it so hard to find a warm, long coat?

Years ago (I think 5), I made a knee length black wool coat, similar to this one.  (Wow, I look young!  Yes, I made two almost identical coats.   I actually have a third one in the closet needing hemmed and buttons added…maybe someday, it’s a camel wool and that color has just never been my favorite.  In fact, when I get back to it someday, I may cut it down to low hip length and add a belt).


Anyway, the black one is made from a nice thick black wool, lined with a gorgeous fabric, and interlined with pink flannel with martini glasses on it.  That pink flannel was a STEAL at Joann’s one day and I knew it’d make a perfect interlining.  I have loved this coat since I made it and have basically worn it every winter work day since it came off the sewing machine.  But…it’s getting old…sad, sad, sad. The wool is beginning to pill in places, pockets have been ripped and restitched, and if I’m honest with myself, I didn’t put the lining in as well as I could have, so it does pull in a couple of spots.  I think that has caused some uneven wear.

I’ve been searching online for a replacement and found my almost ideal coat at cabela’s!  Sorry the pic is a little blurry.


Long, past knee length, with a fur lined hood! (Oh I how I have wanted that hood this winter!)  The zipper opens at the top and bottom, the microsuede looks so comfy,  I could go on…

But….unfortunately it’s not in my size or color!  It’s currently only in a large and XL in Deerskin.  It’s offered (but not available) in Smoke, and I much preferred that to the Deerskin until I saw this one, pulled from a google search.


Same coat, just a different color scheme, and apparently available at one time on the Canadian Cabela site…they called it “black cherry,” I think.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Seeing the black cherry one has made me begin to wonder if I could make one of these for myself. Microsuede is available in some gorgeous colors.   Here’s the technical description from cabela’s usa.

A generous 550-fill-power layer of Cabela’s 80/20 goose-down/goose-feather insulation surrounds you in perfectly managed natural warmth. Plus, we added a supple, non-quilted, brushed polyester shell for a smooth, sleek silhouette and welcoming softness. A Teflon® finish forms an invisible shield, preventing moisture and stains from penetrating the down and feather fibers. The two-way zipper opens from the bottom so you can sit comfortably. A removable coyote-fur ruff adds an extra measure of warmth. With two interior pockets, this winter coat is a must have.

I’ve never attempted a coat like that before…but…how hard can it be??? Ha ha ha ha…I have to go out and look for a suitable pattern.

I’m almost tempted to order the large in deerskin just to get it (RTW fast doesn’t start until Jan 1!).  The winter so far has been ridiculously cold!!!

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