I’ve found it!

I’ve been looking for patterns to start with and this one from Burda seems to have everything I want.  http://osinka.ru/Zhurnaly/2009/burda/burda_12/slides/22.html

Here’s the line drawing:

burda coat

Hood:  Check

Fur:  Check

Flap thing over zipper:  Check

Designed for puffy fabric:  Check

The princess seams and the knit band around the inside wrist are an added bonus.  I would need to significantly lengthen this though.  I’m not sure I like those pockets…they might need to get changed out to some in the princess seam with a the flap thing on the outside kind of like a welt.

I need to look through my back issues of Burda to see if I have this one or not.   It’s from December 2009.  I can order from the burda.de site though if I need to.

Before I get too involved in this, I’m going to make a little nightie for a contest at a local fabric store.  The theme is lingerie and I’m going to use a deep plum/purple with black lace.   I plan to make a sample up first though since I’m using a new to me pattern company.  More to come on that later!

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