The Valentine Slip

Tonight I finished tracing off the Valentine slip and I cut the pieces out. Here’s a link to the pattern.  I’m making view A.

I’m currently debating my fabric choice…I will be making two of these and they’ll be nighties for me rather than slips.  The 2nd will be my next entry into Needle Nook Fabrics year long contest (it’s going to be a  lovely purple tricot with black lace), but the first is my tester to check the fit.  I have cut a multi print fabric with a teal colored lace.  I love the lace and I think it would look stellar with black as the body of the nightie. I’m just not feeling the multi print that I’ve cut out.  I left it for the evening (it’s been a loonggg week at work) and I’ll make a decision on it tomorrow.
Sewing lingerie is probably one of my favorite things to sew!  🙂   I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow.

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2 Responses to The Valentine Slip

  1. Barbara J says:

    Hey, Emily. Just found your blog via Goodbye Valentino. I am also in Kansas, in the ‘burbs outside Kansas City. I’m thinking of joining in the RTW fast but will need to quickly go buy a new pair of jeans before the turn of the year. Good luck with your new blogging adventures.

  2. Hi Barbara! Thanks for saying hello! I’m so excited about the RTW fast…I’ve never done anything like that, but as I look at what I’m wearing today it’s all mine, so I think I can do it. The part that has me most concerned is that occasionally for work, I sometimes feel that I need to get a new blouse (or other item of clothing) to look the part, but I think with reasonable planning I can take care of that.

    Good luck buying jeans! I know it takes me about 20 try ons to find 1 pair that’s okay! 🙂 But…if you find one pair, buy 2 or 3!!! 🙂

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