The Valentine Slip – Test Complete!

I’m so pleased with this one!!!  After much internal debate this morning, I decided to stick with the multi because it was cut, and because I didn’t have quite enough black tricot here to use.  It just didn’t make sense to go out and buy new fabric when I wasn’t even sure it was going to fit.  Here’s my test.





Oh my, I LOVE that lace V at the back…what a nice detail!  At the moment, this isn’t hemmed and I don’t think I’ll hem it.  I just don’t see much point on a knit like this.  I’ll do a full up review on PR once I get the real one done. This pattern went together very quickly and easily.  It was a pleasure to make.

I may work on the real one tomorrow, or make a pair of pj pants for my hubby for Christmas.   Or if I’m really ambitious, maybe both!   I’ve been preshrinking his flannel today. 🙂


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2 Responses to The Valentine Slip – Test Complete!

  1. nothy says:

    This is beautiful. Nice work.

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