The Only Sewing I’ve Done Lately…


Oh wait!  That’s not even sewing!  Yup, all I’ve done so far is cut these out.  This is the pair of PJj pants for my husband, Kevin.  I’m using Butterick 5153, a pattern I’ve used for him a few times before.  He’s a tall guy, about 6’4″, so finding pj pants long enough (without spending a fortune,) can be a little tedious.   I like this pattern because the top, while high, is not ridiculously high.  I pulled out a simplicity pj pattern that I recently used for my dad, and the top part of the pant was about 2 inches higher.  My dad is going to be swimming in those (too late now b/c they’re wrapped and with him already).  I can always cut his down later if he wants me too.  For Kevin’s, he prefers a simple drawstring made out of the pj material, so I cut that too.  I just need to make sure I put the buttonholes for the drawstring on the correct side…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put them on the back!  Ha ha ha.

I wanted to sew yesterday, but just decided that I needed to do other things…clean house, play with dogs, write out Christmas cards, read a book, etc…  I only have a so much free time and figured I should do something besides sew since I spent a good part of Saturday in the sewing room.  I find that if I sew for long periods of time, or when I feel I should be doing something else, I tend to make mistakes because I start to rush.  It’s best to quit while I’m ahead and that’s how I felt yesterday.


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