The Valentine Slip

Is back in progress!!  I finished the straps and the front tonight.  No photos yet, but here’s the fabric its free state.


I did the straps first because I hate to get to the end and have to fiddle with straps…so much better to just get them done up front.

PJ pants are done for my up after the Valentine are going to be some PJs pants for my 18 yr old stepson made out of spongebob flannel.  He’ll get a kick out of them.  He has just recently moved back with his mom, so we’ll see him over Christmas at some point.  If I have enough extra fabric, I’d like to make his little brother a pair of PJ pants too…he’s about 5 and I imagine he’d think it was awesome if they had matching clothes.

In other sewing (sort of) related news….I actually ordered two coats today from Amazon.  One is kind of hip length.

Image(Photo from Amazon)

and the other is knee length.


(photo from Amazon)

I’m not sure I’ll keep them both, but the shorter one met almost all my requirements and was ridiculously inexpensive ($40ish).  The longer one did meet all my requirements as far as I could tell and it wasn’t super expensive for that length of coat.  What I’ve learned over the last few days is that good winter coats are expensive…most knee length coats are $120-1000.  This one was on the low end of that scale.  The next favorite coat in line was more than double what these two cost together, didn’t even meet all my requirements, and the reviews said that it leaked down feathers, so I figured this made the most economic sense.  I may still make my own coat, but I need one NOW.  About 4 inches of snow fell today with sleet underneath.  It’s really pretty out there. I figured that by the time I sourced all the materials and then had time to sew it together, winter will be almost over.  I hope these two coats work out.   I wanted to get them bought before the end of the year so I’m not breaking the RTW Fast.

Here’s some totally non sewing things I did today…


Who doesn’t love cookies?!  This was the first time I had used this recipe and it turned out a really nice cookie.  They’re probably the most tender sugar cookie I’ve ever had.  (I haven’t posted any close up pics of me on here yet, but..I have braces because I’m fixing TMJ.  Tender is usually what I’m after in everything I eat because we’re trying to get my jaw stabilized).

Here was the 2nd activity.  My mom picked up these ceramic Christmas trees somewhere at the end of last season and gave one to me and each of my siblings. It came with paint and paint brushes, but my sister did hers first and told me that I really needed to get some smaller brushes before starting mine.  Here’s the beginning product and the end product.



I think it turned out pretty well.. There are many errors on it, but they just add charm.  😉  Emmy Lou and Camy are my two dogs.  I’m not really a painter and that was kind of fun, but I’m glad it’s done.  I don’t plan on painting anything for awhile…I’d sooner be sewing!!

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