Utilitarian Sewing and Non-Utilitarian Lace!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sew over the last few days, but I did manage to make a forgotten top much more wearable.  It’s one I made a year ago or so from Jalie 2005, the older t-shirt pattern with a v, scoop and boatneck.  I made two versions of the boatneck one day because it’s such a super simple pattern.  I found one of them buried in the back of my closet, tried it on, liked it, but knew that I needed to sew some bra strap holders in it.  Here’s how they turned out.   They’re very simple to make and make the top so much easier to wear!  I need to add them to more tops that I’ve made.


IMG_00000429 IMG_00000430

Also yesterday, I had a chance to dye the lace for my sister’s Valentine nightie.  She needed a full bust adjustment, and I knew that when doing that, it’d add length, making the bodice pieces unlikely to fit on the normal 6″ wide stretch lace that I used for my purple and black version. I stopped in at Needle Nook Fabrics and bought some wider white lace (maybe 9″ wide).  I dyed it yesterday:


Yes, this is about it’s final color.  I absolutely, 100% love this color.   That was a Jacquard Acid Dye in Brilliant Blue that I bought from Dharma Trading a year ago or so.  I cut the pattern out tonight, made the adjustments for the FBA, cut the fabric out and have the bodice basically pinned together.  I hope to have it all done tomorrow.

I want to experiment with some of the other dyes I have.  I find dyeing material to be very gratifying!

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