Musings about Sewing

Today is January 1!  No more clothing shopping for a year!!  I find that liberating since I don’t like to shop anyway.  I even try to get my husband to go to the grocery store for me.  🙂

I’ve been sitting here reading blogs and PR and thinking about how I want to approach this year.  At the moment, there’s nothing I desperately need in my wardrobe.  I have enough work basics and enough play clothes to get by.  But, I am still going to sew things, so I’d like to approach it thoughtfully.   I’m not sure where I want to start.  I (briefly) considered purging my closet and beginning down a cohesive path, but I don’t think that would really work for me.  I think it would be better to add thoughtful additions while purging along the way.  I admire those with spartan, coordinated closets, but I don’t think I can get there immediately.

One thing that might help me along the way would be to better understand my colors.  I’m not really an  artsy type person, so these concepts have alluded me to date.  On one of the PR forums, someone recommended this book:   I think it would behoove me to spend a little bit of time to figure this out.  Maybe over the weekend I can go to the local library and see what books they have available.   Anyone have any advice on books/methods to determine your colors?

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2 Responses to Musings about Sewing

  1. ingridsykora says:

    Hey fellow RTW-free-er! If you want to figure out good colors to wear, I found this blog post by Thewallinna to be helpful:

    Hopefully it helps you, too.

  2. Thanks for the comment and the link! I enjoy thewallina’s blog and didn’t know she had a page on color! I’m going to try out her fabric tests tomorrow in daylight!

    I’m sorry it took me a few days to find this comment! It was lost in the spam folder!

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