The Valentine, Kwik Sew 3036 and a Tour!

First up, the Valentine! It started with the dyeing, then turned into the nightie.  I really like how it turned out…hopefully my sister will to.  She lives several states away, so I was taking some guesses about things.  Basically we  have the same frame, her bust is just bigger. I started with a size 6, did a FBA out to the DD, then went out to a size 12 at the hips.  I think it should work well enough.

IMG_00000428 IMG_4259 IMG_4261

Since I was dyeing the lace, I threw in some extra (it was originally gray) for some Jalie undies for her.  The color isn’t quite exactly what it is on the Valentine, but it’s close enough.


This is Jalie 2568  I have made this pattern for her countless times before.  She visited in October and asked that I make her some of these.  Since she was here, I made her help by cutting out the cotton lining.  She couldn’t believe how quickly these make up and said, “If I knew they were that fast, I’d have asked for more!”  Ha ha ha ha.

I had those two complete and figured I’d try out Kwik Sew 3036.  I had bought this pattern a few weeks ago after reading rave reviews for it on PR.  The fabric was from a recent trip to Needle Nook.  The full PR review is here:

IMG_4272 IMG_4274 IMG_4272 (2)

I added that third pic just b/c you can see my dog, Emmy Lou, in the pic.  She’s a total goofball.

Since I was down there with the camera, I thought I’d take some pics for a sewing room tour.  We finished the basement a few years ago, and my sewing room is back in one of the corner rooms.  I LOVE having a whole room to myself.

First up is the view into the room (that’s my other dog Camy…she’s a sweetie).  I have three machines, a Kenmore sewing machine from Sears (4 yrs olds), a Brother 1034 serger (6 years old), a Singer coverstitch/serger (2 years old).  The Kenmore and the Brother are workhorses, the Singer is a little more finicky.  I think it needs a trip into the shop.  In this shot, you can also see my workhorse of an ironing board.  My husband bought this one for me before we were even married because he was tired of hearing me complain about cheap, wobbly ironing boards.  I don’t know off the top of my head what brand it is, but it is a star! The table is actually from a local Gap that shut down.  At the time, a Gap and a Baby Gap in the same plaza, so they combined stores and closed the one. I had a friend with a roommate who worked there, and they gave away the fixtures on a first come, first serve basis! I LOVE this table.   I have it on risers that I found at Joann’s, and that makes it even more fantastic.


Here’s the shot from standing at the machines…  I have my dress dummy in the corner, behind the dummy is my speaker that I use to play music for my mp3 player.  Running along that whole wall is a shelf.  Right now, I have books, some mags, and miscellaneous things on it.  It needs to be better organized, but I’d sooner be sewing.


This last pic is looking into the closet.  I store fabric on hangers, and patterns are in labeled containers.  I like these containers because if I want to look through “pants” patterns, I can just grab the container(s) and relocate to wherever.    Sometimes I just like to hang out in the closet looking through patterns. As you can see, I DO NOT need more fabric or patterns…so I do try not to buy much new (unless it’s really awesome…or I really want it….or it has a detail that I don’t think I have).  Ha ha ha ha


And that concludes the tour!  I start back to work tomorrow, so my free time is going to diminish again.  I have LOVED having this time off to hang out at home.  Last year, my husband Kevin, and I went to Belize for Christmas break. While that was fantastic in it’s own way, I’ve really enjoyed having this time off and just hanging out at home.

I wish you all a Happy 2014!!!!

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8 Responses to The Valentine, Kwik Sew 3036 and a Tour!

  1. I made it!! says:

    What a beautiful blue. I wouldn’t know how to start to dye something!

  2. helen says:

    I love the room! Unfortunately all my sewing is done on the dining room table and with all the setting up and packing up that requires. Like the pants, underwear is on my to do list for 2014.

    • Thanks! My husband has his man-cave upstairs and I have my sewing room downstairs! We’re a perfect pair because we can both contentedly disappear into our rooms for hours on end.

      Underwear are so much fun to sew. I save all my relatively large knit scraps in a bag and when I need a new pair, I just pull out a scrap and mix and match lace if I feel like! And, if they’re not perfect, it really doesn’t matter too much!!

  3. LaMona says:

    I like the lingerie you made! Great!

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