Playing with Color

I was reading up on selecting your best colors tonight on the internet, and I decided to go try on a few, so to speak with the aid of my camera.  If you don’t want to see close up pics of me in all my braces glory with my hair in a wacky ponytail, please SKIP THIS POST!   You’ve been warned!!!

First up, me with a mustard color shirt bought at Penny’s a couple of years ago.  These shirts make me sad because they look good on a hanger…but totally gap awkwardly on my neck/bust.  I rarely wear them because I have to basically tape up my whole chest to get them to lay correctly.


Greenish shirt, similar to mustard above.  I bought several of them.


Medium blue sweater (it’s a me make, so I love it! I do think it does make me look a little tired though.)


Black sweater


red glitter top (I thought I had reviewed it, but maybe not since I don’ t see it.  Here’s a full shot of it.  I have no idea where I’ll wear this top.


This one is a blue LL Bean vest that my friend gave me for “safe keeping” while she went to Korea to teach English maybe 6 yrs ago.  She’s never asked for it back, and I’ve forgotten to send it to her every time I’ve mailed her something.


Now, based on that little review, I have no idea if I  have warm or cool undertones.  From the pics, I think I look the healthiest in the green/mustard/bolder blue, which would imply that I have warm undertones, but I fully admit that my photo skills are not top of the line and the lighting in my bathroom was also distinctly less than top notch.

So, to add to the fun, here are three shots from relatively recent makes in more natural light. This one was just taken a couple of weeks ago – it’s a navy blue cowl neck make.

IMG_4213 - Copy

This was taken maybe a month ago.   This is a McCalls pattern that I decided was unflattering on me.  I used the last of my favorite charcoal gray knit to make it too!   I look really pink in the photo.


Here’s one that was taken over the summer….that is a pure white blouse (it’s a burda mag pattern!)

IMG_3938 (2)

Here’s a photo from yesterday so you can see how dark my hair really is.  It gets lighter on top and around my face in the summer, which then hangs around for a good part of the winter. My eyes are definitely blue.


So after all that, I think the results are…inconclusive.  I might be a spring.  I might be a fall.  Heck I don’t know, maybe I’m a summer…or a winter.   I want to redo the color tests over the weekend when I’ll be home during the day and can get better pictures.    BTW, I found this website to have a thorough explanation that I could understand.

Thanks for playing along!  Any opinions?

PS. I am really tired tonight…I was only able to sleep for an hour to two last night.   I’ll sleep better tonight, I know.

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One Response to Playing with Color

  1. timi55 says:

    mustard, green-yellow and royal blue are my fave! the medium blue is good to, but make something that is more open toward your face. maybe a faux wrap shirt.

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