Playing with Colors, Part II

No sewing has been going on today because I’ve been busy playing with colors.

I thought that I had determined two things today…1.  I have cool undertones to my skin.  2.  Because I have cool undertones, I should be either a Summer or a Winter.  However, now that I’ve read further, I’m not sure.  Some methods don’t focus on the undertone of the skin directly.

Here are some better pics taken in natural light.

xIMG_4304 - Copy xIMG_4305 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4306 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4307 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4308 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4309 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4310 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4311 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4312 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4313 - Copy - Copy xIMG_4314 - Copy - Copy

I’m still not really sure what I am… I think either a spring or summer.  I’m considering sending some pics into this site: to have an analysis done.  There are a few sites that offer it, but this one seemed to be the best – at least that I’ve found.  I did a local search today to see if I could find someone in person and sadly, couldn’t find anyone in the local area who does this sort of thing.  That’s surprising to me…I know it was a HUGE trend in the 80’s, but I think the same principles apply regardless of the time.  I can remember my mom coming home from party and telling me she was autumn, or maybe she wanted to be autumn.   The site has a note that analysis won’t be done under after January 16, so I think I’ll sleep on it a day or two before deciding to try it or not.

In the meantime, I think I should go sew some underwear or something where the color doesn’t really matter.  🙂





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9 Responses to Playing with Colors, Part II

  1. quirkkly says:

    Hi Emily, Great post and ponderings! If you’d like my two cents, you are definitely a summer or winter. And, based on the photos – I’d say more summer, than winter. You look fabulous in the blue and white of the first photos. You have a great blog, I love your slip entries too. Lucky sister! Look forward to the RTW challenge!

  2. Lene Bolton says:

    For what it is worth 🙂 I like the brown, burgundy, and dark blue on you better than the yellow and bright red. I also don’t think black and white are so good. I have read that not many people can wear black and white (me included) only winters can do that apparently.

    • Thanks Lene! This whole color thing is so fascinating. I’m a female in a very much male-dominated industry, and I feel that I’m at a position in my career where I need to step up my game a little bit. I’m fortunate to a be in a company where there are MANY opportunities…and I don’t need poor color choices slowing me down! I wish we lived in a world where appearances don’t matter…but they do and I can’t change it. I can just play along! 🙂

  3. -N- says:

    Heheh – colored underwear. My socks and underpants always seemed to have a common color theme, always unintentionally. I liked all the colors on you except the grey and the yellow. The problem with photos, though, is that the Kelvin can be too cool or too warm, depending on the camera and how you post-process your images. Personally, I think you probably know best what looks good on you. Me, I wear what my mood dictates!

    • Kelvin!! There you go getting all technical on me! 🙂 I’ve always thought I’d enjoy a photography class, but have never taken the time to do it.

      And I did make some underwear! Maybe I can post a pic tomorrow. 🙂 Sewing is fun!

      • -N- says:

        You make underwear?! I dread the thought. I’d love to see it. I’ll let you choose how it is, er, displayed . . . !

  4. Claire says:

    Hello Emily, You commented that we’re on similar tracks with pre-sewing planning! I found interesting. It profiles using physical/behavioural/energy aspects and combines colour and styles. You can sign up for the free emails – about 7 or so, I think. One each day. There’s also a great deal of info on the website to allow you to determine your type and even more examples on
    When colour typing first came in years ago, I was typed a Summer, flowing towards Winter. I think that was a mistake – in hindsight, obviously – and it kept me jumping towards the wrong things and not going with my instinct more.
    Have fun exploring!

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