Between big projects

I consider myself between projects right now, and when I’m there, I generally make quick, easy guaranteed success type things!  Today, I did finish a pair of underwear.


When I have leftover knits big enough for a pair of undies, I throw them in a bag with other leftovers.  Then I’ve got fabric ready to go.   This one was made from leftovers from the Valentine muslin, which were leftovers from a skirt I made for my mom.  I actually keep my favorite underwear pattern (KS 2908) right in the bag of leftovers because then I never have to go search for it. I did a few different tests of patterns for undies earlier this year and this one was the clear winner.


I’ve  modified it to include a version with front seam, and make it with or without the seam depending on my mood.  There are some really good reviews on PR explaining the process and giving the ins and outs of this pattern.  I’m a HUGE fan of Kwik Sew lingerie and active wear.  I scour the internet and local shops for the old Kwik Sews printed on the nice paper.  I use wax paper and a sharpie for tracing.

Also, for  Christmas, I received a couple of the Natalie Chanin books.  Here’s a link for those unfamiliar.  Below are my first forays into this style.  The top one is my tester and the bottom one is the one that will be my real headband…someday.  It’s pictured here on the cover of this book.


You’re supposed to use two layers of jersey, but my black fabric is actually some ponte roma left over from something.   I’m going to try my hand at beading sooner or later and fill in some of the circles with beads somehow.  I’m glad I started with something small like this because it really gives me a chance to experiment without much lost if I don’t like it.  I worked on this for just a a little bit while I was waiting for something to come out of the oven.

Meanwhile, in the sewing room, I also started working on a pair of yoga pants from KS 3988.

kwik sew 3988

I have the pant done and am working on the waistband.  I screwed up on how to attach the elastic at the top of the waistband, so need to undo it and try again.  The seam ripper would be so lonely without me!!!!  🙂

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2 Responses to Between big projects

  1. helen says:

    Nice undies!
    I’ve been saving scraps of jersey as I want to try making my own this year. I’m planning to take a pattern from a pair that is a good fit. I just need to sort out the elastic and lace.

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