The Great Big Yoga Fail


Look, I have yoga pants!

But wait!  Look again!!!


Yuck and YUCK!  When there are as many patterns in the world as there are, I’m NOT going to spend more time on these trying to fix them!



These two steps in the instructions drove me crazy.  I made three attempts, and on the third called it good enough.  First you sew a 1/4 inch seam (unless somewhere it said to sew something different).  Then, you layer your 1/2 inch elastic over top of the seam allowance and sew on just catching the allowance.   This is mind boggling to me and I still don’t understand.  I’m not sure if they’re making this harder than it has to be or if I’m misreading something.

I’m done with this pattern.  Time to move on.  Full PR review here:

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4 Responses to The Great Big Yoga Fail

  1. I made it!! says:

    That’s too bad. The pattern looked promising. They look too big!

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