PJ Pants – In Process Report

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to report that another pair of PJ pants are in process!  Oh yes, exciting times in the sewing room, let me tell you.  🙂  This is the final pair for my husband for awhile.  He pretty much changes into a pair once he’s home from work, so it is good for him to have several in his wardrobe.  Some of his old ones are pretty much threadbare.  These ones are a nice gray plaid.  I hope to make a pair of boxers for me out of the leftover fabric.    Here’s a link to the fabric at Joanns.  http://www.joann.com/search?q=flannel%20shirting#prefn1=isProject&start=18&q=flannel%20shirting&sz=18&prefv1=false

That is all the sewing news I have from this front…I think I have decided to order the color analysis…I just need a good, close-up pic of me in good lighting.  Maybe this weekend I can get my husband to help.   Till later!

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