Stripey Bikini In Process!

I had a chance to work on my sister’s bikini for a little bit tonight.   I had all the pieces cut out over the weekend, but then life took over.  Tonight I did some preliminary work and some work on the lining.

First, to check her size, I overlaid her bottom bra cup on the bottom of the bikini cup.  It’s kind of hard to see in this pic.   Allowing for seam allowances, I think she’ll have a little cup that she can scrunch together if she wants…that was the main draw of this pattern for her.  There will be a casing along the bottom, and I’ll lose a little on the sides for elastic, but I think it’ll work well enough.   You should be able to click on the photos to enlarge if you want.


It can only be better than the last one, so overall it should be better.  If not, I told her that I could modify it more on the next one.

Next I sewed cups into the cup lining.  I recycled these from a monokini that I made for me and never wore.  They’re not precisely the right size for her, but she just needs them for a little bit of coverage, so it should be fine.   I just eyeball this process.  My sewing can be far from precise.  I like to think that I’m precise when it matters.  😉


Next, I pinned the lining together with the outer fabric.

IMG_00000467 IMG_00000466

And then I decided that I needed to call it a night. Bad things happen when I sew when I’m tired, so I really try not to do it.  I should have given the fabrics a quick press before I cut, but I was being lazy.  I ‘ll do that once I have the linings attached to the outer fabric and then I’ll press the rest of the pieces too.  I always hesitate to iron swimsuiting, but this really needs it.   Since swimwear is so slippery (or slippy as is said where I’m from in PA), I keep it all stored in a shopping bag…as a result it is all wrinkly when I pull it out.  Sorry readers…I’ll iron first next time!

Hopefully I’ll get a little more time tomorrow night to work on it.

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2 Responses to Stripey Bikini In Process!

  1. I made it!! says:

    Thanks for the lesson! Looking forward to seeing more! I understand “call it a night” VERY much. Last night I stared and positioned and stared again at my coat fasteners for about an hour, then I packed it all up! I was just too scared to go any farther!

  2. Laura H. says:

    Looking forward to seeing how you progress on this project – a bathing suit may be on my sewing list this year – something I’ve not successfully done before!

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