Contemplating colors

Good news!  I have my results back and I’m a cool, soft summer, AKA a “Toned Summer.”  My swatches should be arriving shortly.  I know that this is definitely going to require a wardrobe overhaul.   Generally, the recommendation is to go with cool, dusky colors.  I think this explains why I received SO MANY compliments every time I wore this dress.


Seriously…if I had to pick one thing I’ve ever made that has gotten the most compliments, it would be that dress.  Every time someone would compliment it, I’d always be like, “This thing??? With the weird pleats?? In boring gray???!!!”  Ha ha…it makes a little more sense now.  I do still have the dress in my closet.   I wonder if I could cut it down into a top…hmm…I bet I’d get more wear out of it.

While my sister’s bikini is still in process, I’m contemplating my next sew for me (yippee!!!)…I was kind of thinking about making a jacket out of the pattern with the sew better , sew faster class.  It’s a more casual jacket, but I kind of think that if I picked the right fabric, and maybe did either none or different topstitching, I could end up with a jacket that I’d wear to work.  On the other hand…I recently bought the Sewing Workshop’s Pearl and Opal Jacket:  I would LOVE to have that done up in one of my new colors.  🙂  Currently at work I keep a black boiled wool cardi across the back of my chair and I think I need to tone that color down a little bit.  On the other hand (foot?), I might skip the big item, and maybe make a few smaller items.  I think that might have a little quicker impact.   A few years ago, I did basically a production line of Pendrell tanks, review here: and I could do something similar.  As an aside, I have no idea why my face looks so red in those pics!!  I look like I have a sunburn!  Another options is the new Vogue pattern 1387:   I love the design, and I actually have a fabric in the stash already, in the right colors (!) that would work well, I think.  Anyway, so many choices… 🙂  I have lots to think about.

No sewing was done tonight…I had an ortho appt today, then I cooked dinner and made a frittata for breakfast over the next couple of days.  My husband and I basically follow a higher protein and fat, lower carb diet, and if he doesn’t have a frittata, he’s likely to binge on donuts or pizza at work! Anyway, I’m exhausted…the ortho appt. drained me like it usually does…the good thing is that the dental assistant said the doc may say they can come off NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     That would be sooo fantastic!

:):)  Happy Sewing!

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5 Responses to Contemplating colors

  1. I made it!! says:

    You probably have heard this before… That dress looks nice on you!

  2. helen says:

    That dress looks great. I think you should continue to wear it as it is. I think it is easier to wear more separates as it seems more casual.

    • Hi Helen! Thanks for the compliment! See, I used to wear dresses more when I worked in my previous jobs, but I just don’t wear them often now due to where I work. Basically, I do sit in an office in front of a computer for most of the day, but occasionally, I need to go out into the factory. Plus, there is A LOT of walking where I work, just in the normal course of the day for meetings and such. I’m not sure how to explain it, but I’m just far more comfortable at this company in dress pants. I think it may be because as a female in a male dominated industry, I do get lots of stares…when I wear a dress, it just makes it worse. I’m not really one to be the center of attention.

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