Ol’ Stripey!


Stripey and me are getting to become good friends!  I had a little bit of time to work on it and got the bikini pieces done.  This suit is really pretty easy and quick to sew.  They are almost complete, I just need to fold over the bottom to create the casing and slip the tie through. I also need to give the tie part a quick press and do some minor hand stitching to close up the little gap where the tie part attaches to the cup part.

I’m somewhat unhappy with them because I forgot to switch to the next bigger size needle while sewing the elastic on the sides.  I meant to do that and even thought about it before sewing, but I was texting a friend and just got distracted.  As a result, where I did the smaller zig zag to close up the elastic, there are a couple of almost skipped stitches.  They’re not skipped, so I’m okay with the integrity of the stitching, it just looks a little odd in a few spots. However, it’s passing the stand a few feet away and look at it test, so it’s staying (unless I feel super ambitious tomorrow).  Oh well, nothing is perfect.

Also, when I looked at the instructions, I had a pleasant surprise!


Those numbers that I wrote on the side there are the settings that work best on my machine for those steps!  I do try to write in what I use on a pattern because I hate having to try to figure out which size is best…when I KNOW I’ve already done it once!  🙂

I didn’t wake up this morning until 7 minutes before I was supposed to be out the door, so it’s an early night for me tonight!

Happy Sewing!

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One Response to Ol’ Stripey!

  1. I made it!! says:

    Pah! I typed a reply and “poof” it just disappeared! It will probably show up twice now! I was going to say… I never thought to write notes on the instructions! Learn something new everyday!

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