Moving on (to me!)

The bikini is done and has been shipped off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I always have such a sense of accomplishment when a project has been completed relatively successfully. Oh, what’s that you say???  This post is worthless without pics!  Well, here you go!



The suit basically went together easily.  I did make a serious bonehead move though.  The strap where the bra cups are attached is not just a normal turned loop, but it has a piece of 3/8 inch elastic inside, then top stitched down.  This is one of my favorite aspects of this suit and what I think really lifts it up a notch.  Anyway, I was sewing that strip of fabric together and thought that perhaps if I used a straight stitch and just stretched the fabric it would work.  Ummm…no.  That was a huge fail.  I couldn’t even turn the strap without stitches popping.  Anyway, don’t do that…use a zig zag!   At least it was easy to correct! Bikini:  COMPLETE!

Recently, I’ve had some problems sleeping.  We have two dogs and we always sleep with the bedroom door wide open so they can roam in and out at night if they want.  In late summer, we installed a new heating system and as part of that change, we moved the thermostat over right outside our bedroom.  This thing is basically a lit up computer touch screen….and it’s glowing all the time!  I swear it glows right at me because it doesn’t seem to bother my husband.  Last night, I decided that enough was enough, and it was time to take matters into my own hands.   So, I got on the internet, found a free sleep mask pattern and sewed it up.  I think it only took 15 minutes total.   I LOVE easy projects.  Well, this morning, since I was planning to mail the package to my sister today, I figured I’d send a sleep mask for her.  Then I thought my mom might like one.  Then I thought my sister-in-law might like one.  So…here’s  the result.


They all have the fur zebra print fabric on one side.  Mine, my sister’s and sister-in-law’s all have the turquoise minky and my mom’s has the green.  I would have liked to vary them a little more, but I couldn’t quickly find any other suitable fabrics in the stash.   I put a layer of black wool in the middle…it was the densest fabric I had.   Afterwards, I what if one of us washes it??  Ha ha.  I don’t know if the wool will shrink or not. I would suspect it will if they go in the dryer.  If it does and they tell me they had an issue with it, I’ll just make more.  This was a really fun, fast project to do.

So, now we come back to sewing for me.  I’ve got my swatches and I can’t say enough great things about!  Lora helped me determine my season by asking for multiple photos in different lighting, she sent ebooks explaining things about the best colors on me, and I received the swatches!!!  The swatches are my favorite part.  Here’s a link to her webpage where the swatches are featured.

In short, the colors that I look best in are dusky, muted colors.  Nothing too bright.  Today, I went to Hancocks to buy Vogue 1387, and while there, of course I looked at fabric with my swatches.  My overall impression is that my fabric selections are going to decrease, however, if I look, there are options.  I was at the bargain table and spotted this purple/silver faux fur…it fit the dusky, muted scheme and I figured why not?!  I do love my furry vests.  I currently have a brown and black one, but I’m going to replace/supplement them with the purple below.  I plan to work on this tomorrow. I think I’m going to try out the kwik sew pattern…maybe compare the armhole to the burda one…maybe frankenpattern my own.  The simplicy one is also cute and I may also compare it to that one also.  I thought I was happy with the burda one, but I noticed that the back swings out a little further than I’d like.  I’d kind of like this purple to be a little more fitted, just because the fabric is so thick.   I think this would be a really great item to have in my wardrobe because I have several black and dark gray long sleeved t-shirts that I wear all the time.  This is a quick way to incorporate a good color in, without having to change too much up.


After that, I do plan to work on Vogue 1387 in a gray, really soft fabric.  I’m not sure what it is or evhen where I bought it from, but it has a really nice, light feel.


In the photo, I’m comparing it to the closest swatch, a light taupe. My swatch book doesn’t have any grays in it, but perhaps it’s because gray is really just black with white added, so not really a color?  I don’t know.  I do know that in one of the ebooks, it refers to this shade of gray as a “universal” color, in other words, one that looks good on everyone.

After these two are complete, I’m not sure what I’m going to sew.  One of my favorite parts of the swatches is that they tell whether the shade is “core,” meaning you could base your wardrobe around it, or “basic,” meaning ok to have in your wardrobe, but not one to build on.  I think I may make a list of the core colors and see if I’m interested in planning a wardrobe around them.   I’m not sure that I want to be that clearly set on a path though.  I kind of like sewing whatever I want, but having a plan would help coordinate things for me.


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  1. I made it!! says:

    Nice colours! Thanks for the website. I will look them up myself!

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