Vogue 1387 —sloooooow progress

I’ve made some progress, but it’s slow going.   Here’s where I am so far:


I haven’t given the yoke a good press yet, but I did pin the yoke and facing together.   The facing on the back isn’t really working well; probably because I cut it out on a weird grain because I was running out of fabric.  I figured I’d let it rest a day and see what I think tomorrow.   If I still don’t like it, I’ll try to find similar fabric, although I think if worst came to worst, I could use the organza that I’m using for interfacing.  I read that if you use starch on your fabric, even the good fusible interfacing won’t stick well, so I pulled the silk organza out of the stash to use and it is nice stuff.  It was bought for The Couture Dress on Craftsy.  (Class watched – dress never made b/c soon after, I decided that it was silly to spend so much time making a dress when I very rarely wear them.)
Once I get these front pieces worked out, I think I’ll do the collar, front bands and sleeves next.  I’ll get all the hard stuff out of the way so it should be easy assembly.  I saw that Pam Erny, posted a tutorial on making sleeve plackets here:  http://off-the-cuff-shirtmaking.blogspot.com/.  I plan to print it off and follow it exactly.

I’m still debating how I want to do the front closure.  The pattern calls for sew on snaps with a decorative thread X over top of those.  I might try that out or see if I can find suitable buttons.  With this fabric, if I went with buttons,  I’d want something really soft and feminine.  There’s a store here in Wichita that has an excellent button selection, so I may run over there and see what they have on the weekend.    I think I may also do french side seams and I’m still debating about how to finish the sleeve seams.

In other sewing news, my sister LOVES her bikini.  She said it’s awesome and wants 50 more.  Then she later upped it to 100.  Ha ha ha.  She looks smashing in it, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Here’s a quote from the text message after I asked what made it so awesome, “it fits perfectly and the top covers enough but is still cute and the bottom doesn’t give me butt flab or a muffin top and doesn’t feel like it’ll fall down.”  I call that success!  🙂

Happy Sewing!!

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One Response to Vogue 1387 —sloooooow progress

  1. I made it!! says:

    Which pattern are you using? Maybe I missed that somewhere. I really like the looks of it. It’s going to be lovely! Good luck with you sewing!

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