This is probably the longest I’ve ever taken to sew a top together (gray is still in process).  This time of the year just makes me want to slow down and take it easy.   I have the sleeve plackets done and need to sew on the sleeve cuffs next…then it’s just assembling and sewing on snaps.  Yes, I’ve decided to do what they say to do and try the snaps.  I may or may not make the decorative X on top.  One decision at a time…ha ha ha.

I guess I’m not in a huge rush to finish this because I haven’t really decided what I’m going to sew next.  I have gone through my swatch collection and have made a photo record of those that are “core” colors.  Core is defined as a color you could base a wardrobe on.  The vast majority of colors in my collection are “basic,” meaning okay to have in your wardrobe, but not really a good shade to expand around.  I think there are 12-15 cores, the rest are basics.  Of the cores, a few are browns, and I know I’m not going to base my wardrobe around those.  There are several blue options, a green option and a deep purple option.   I think the purple was listed as “aubergine.”   I’m most drawn to the blues and am still contemplating what I want to do.   I think I’m going to review some of the SWAP past winners and see if anyone inspires me.  Here’s the link to the 2013 contest entries.

Happy Sewing!

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