DONE!!!! Vogue 1387



IMG_4410 IMG_4411

The full pattern review is here:

I’m still deciding if I want the decorative X over top of the buttons.  Here’s a sample that I somewhat haphazardly made.



Right now, I think I’ll leave it plain, but I do want to sleep on it and try it on tomorrow in daylight and then decide.

Overall, I’m pleased with the top, but that fabric drove me crazy.  I re-ironed the pleats today and I’m still not super happy with them, but I’m done fiddling with them.  I used french seams for the sleeves, side and armhole.  I had never used french seams on an armhole and overall, I’m very pleased with the outcome. I also set the sleeves in mostly as Cynthia Guffey recommends (I learn so much from her and if I go to an expo where she is teaching, I get in as many of her classes as I can).  At the last sewing expo I picked up a few of her DVDs and they’re excellent. 

Happy Sewing…now I need to decide what to sew next… 

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4 Responses to DONE!!!! Vogue 1387

  1. helen says:

    Well done, it looks great.
    Any thoughts on what to do next?

  2. I made it!! says:

    Those X’s are a neat idea. I never thought of doing that before! I always thought french seams were good on fussy material – you wouldn’t want those seams to pull apart! Looks beautiful!

    • Thanks so much!! I decided (for now) not to go with the Xs. I may put them on more of a play shirt in the future. It did look neat, but I didn’t want anyone at work to be like, “What the heck is that???!!! I’ve never seen that before!” Ha ha ha. Most people don’t know that I sew a lot of my own stuff and I would prefer to keep it that way! (No real reason other than that I’m a private person, and I get tired of telling people no, I won’t hem their pants for them.) 🙂

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