The Corporate Look

Here’s the finished top on me.


Generally, this is my uniform of sorts, a button down blouse, black pants and usually a belt.    I bought about 5 pairs of these pants from Ann Taylor a few years ago (maybe 3 or 4?) and wear them to death.   I don’t usually wear a suit jacket but I have noticed my boss’s boss wearing one more and more.  I kind of take my cues from them.  In other words, I think it looks odd if an I were to wear a suit when my immediate boss does not.  Personally, I hope he doesn’t start wearing suits anytime soon.  I do keep a black boiled wool sweater at work that I wear often and can throw on if I’m meeting with important people.  Anyway, this is the general look and I really don’t plan on ditching the black bottoms anytime soon, so I’ll just make them work with tops that are in my colors.  I have a couple tops in the wardrobe already that are in the right colors, but I think I could use a couple more.

Here’s’ what I think will be next up:

IMG_4426 IMG_4427

This fabric doesn’t match any of the swatches exactly, but I think it would be considered muted.  I had a really hard time getting an accurate picture of it.  It’s somewhere between a purple and a red.  It most closely matches the deep fuscia swatch…that’s the one right in the center.  The top photo was taken without the flash, the next one is with.  The real color is somewhere between those shots.  I’m still deciding on a pattern.

And my sister has picked out the fabric for her next bikini!  I sent her a pic yesterday of all the swim fabric while I was in Needle Nook Fabric and she spotted this in the photo.  It is soooo her.  Especially with those little hearts in it.   Adorable…on her!


I’m not sure if the bikini or the shirt will be the next’ll probably depend on how quickly I settle on a pattern.  If I have time tomorrow, I’ll post the options so far, but I need to get to bed tonight!

Happy Sewing!

PS.  I have a braces appt tomorrow and it’s possible the doc may say to take them off!!!!!!!!  Cross your fingers for me!!!!

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2 Responses to The Corporate Look

  1. Mary says:

    You finished it! Looks great!
    I have a swimsuit top on my to-do list too!

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