The Contenders

At the start of the night, I thought this was the winner, but I wasn’t sure how those pleats would work in my fabric…it’s not stiff, but it’s not super drapey either.

IMG_4439 IMG_4440

After a time spent on the floor looking through these,


I (think) I decided on this!


I think the gathers will behave well enough, although I should do a test gather just to check.  I really like the curvy yokes, and I like the sleeves that are just a bit different.

Two near winners:

IMG_4451 IMG_4452

I think this style is really pretty but don’t think my fabric is quite right…I think I’d need a really nice drapey fabric for the collar.   Also, that would basically only be a top for in the winter, and if I’m bothering to sew something, I’d sooner be able to wear it more than just in the winter.

I also really liked this one, but again, I don’t think it’s right for the fabric.

IMG_4454 IMG_4453

So, that’s where I am tonight…we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

In other news, I wore my gray top today and my coworker said, “Did you get colored contacts?  They look really blue today!”  I shrugged and responded, “No, these are the ones I usually wear.  Maybe it’s the color of the shirt?!”    I should have taken a better picture when I got home from work tonight, but I forgot and immediately changed into my comfortable play clothes.





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