If it walks like a duck….

When I received the color analysis from prettyyourworld.com, an ebook discussing colors came as part of the package.  Part of that ebook included a personality analysis and when I spoke with Lora Alexander, the owner of prettyyourworld, she said to take it with a grain of salt because she didn’t really buy into it.  I read it and in most ways, it was shockingly spot on.  I kind of made a mental note of it and life moved on.  Then, a reader commented and suggested I check out Dressing Your Truth.  Well, I did and the owner of Dressing Your Truth approaches things from the other way around — basically your personality decides how you should dress (and color is a part of that, but also texture, style, etc….) .  In my case, both analysis resulted in the same recommendation that I should be wearing  muted, soft colors.  I like it when things match up neatly like that.   In Dressing Your Truth,  I am a Type II .  Type IIs are more reserved, calm, easy-going, etc…   I haven’t decided on my secondary type – possibly a Type III, which is the more active, assertive type person.  Anyway, I did buy the course, but I’ve just begun it.  We’ll see how things go.   There’s a free series of videos on the dressingyourtruth.com website if you’re interested in learning more about it without spending money.    (I’m not affiliated with either – or anything else for that matter.  I’m just a regular old customer.)

Meanwhile, in sewing stuff, I’m working on my sister’s bikini.  I was making good progress yesterday, then life, via a spool of thread running out and then a tax appointment, got in the way and I haven’t had a chance to get back to the sewing room yet.  Today was take-care-of-things-around-the-house day.  While I didn’t exactly sew today, I did have time to do some dyeing.  I had picked up Rit Pearl Gray and some Rit Color Remover.  I was actually able to find the color remover at Walmart (Hancocks didn’t seem to carry it).


First, I started out with two makes that just needed some work.  This turquoise top IMG_2152

is a burda pattern that I LOVE, but I had gotten a bleach spot on the lower left panel.  It was in a bag that was going to goodwill today when I decided to rescue it right before the bag was loaded in the car.  Here’s the dye-ed version. (sorry for the wrinkles…time didn’t extend to ironing today.)


NO BLEACH SPOT!!!!!!!!!  I am soooo happy with how this turned out.


Next up, I started with a purple twisted cowl neck sweatshirt.  When I used the dye remover, it basically turned it yellow.  Unfortunately, the addition of the gray didn’t really help.  I’m going to put this aside and some other day, I”ll remove the dye and try to color it with blue dye.  I think that might work.  I was surprised that under all that purple was yellow.

11 November challenge winner IMG_20140216_191542

Big Fail, but it was a learning experience.

Not one to really give up, I decided to try dyeing two more things.  One was a white shirt from Talbots that I’ve had a couple of years, but only ever wore a couple times because I never really liked the pure white.  The second item was some white fabric from Joann’s that I bought at the end of last year.

IMG_20140216_162908 IMG_20140216_191102 IMG_20140216_191425

I like the shirt better now, but the sleeves are still a little odd on me. We’ll see how much it gets worn in the summer.  And I LOVE how the Joann’s fabric turned out.  I think I may move this fabric up next in the sewing queue instead of the purplish/pink that I was going to use.  I need to finish the bikini first, then I’ll really decide.  Overall, I was pretty pleased with the dyeing today.  It definitely saved one shirt, made the fabric nicer in my opinion and made the Talbots shirt a maybe win.  The one thing that I didn’t really think about is that my thread doesn’t take dye.  I generally use whatever is in the right color, so some of my thread is polyester.  I think my now gray Burda shirt with turquoise thread looks cool, but if you’re not okay with that look, it’s something to consider before you dye something already made.

Hopefully others had better luck than I did sewing this weekend!  There was just soooo much to do!  I feel like I need to take a day off from work just so I can catch up on my sewing!


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2 Responses to If it walks like a duck….

  1. I made it!! says:

    I agree, I absolutely need a day off work to sew!

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