I made up a quick and dirty muslin tonight of Burda 6909.  Sorry, I forgot to take my cell phone down to grab some pics.

I made a size 10 at the shoulders, 12 at the waist and a 14 hip.  The 12 waist and 14 hip were perfect, but the 10 sleeves and shoulders were too small.   I’m not sure if the bust was too small or if it just felt too small since the sleeves were pulling.  The top felt great until I put in the sleeves.

I really debated between that pattern and KS 2849.   I may do a super quick muslin of the KS in the morning and see what I think…  It would be fantastic if I could get a go to button down top.  Both tops have princess seams, although the burda is shoulder princess seams while the KS’s start out of the armhole.  I’ve made a few button down tops in the past, but always without princess seams, and have never been 100% happy with them for one reason or another.

I did more dyeing today with mixed results…I’ll try to get some pics tomorrow. I think I’m done messing with dye for a little bit.   Most of the white stuff that was in my closet is now a different color.   🙂


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