Weekend Activities!

Here’s a preview of Burda 6909…it’s almost done!  Tomorrow I’ll hem it and put the buttons on it.  I’ll try to do a full review of it tomorrow. 


Today was a busy day!  I  got up  early to make…


Went shopping and bought…


IMG_20140301_225729 (plus a few other non-sewing things).

Between all the sewing and baking, I watched the progress of these


There’s tomatoes, petunias, a couple varieties of basil ( I LOVE basil) and a few other things there.  There were sprouts popping out all over today!  Growing stuff helps me get through the winter.   Speaking of winter, I am soooo ready for spring to get here…we’re having  a mess of sleet today.   I can hear it hitting the window now!  I really hope this is winter’s last gasp!

And I just got this in the ovenlit oven (no  additional heat):


Tomorrow morning when we wake up, it will be yogurt!  I’ll strain it for an hr or so and then my husband and I will eat it throughout the week.   It’s far superior to any yogurt I’ve ever had from the store. 

The fabric above is peachskin made from 100% rayon….it’s GORGEOUS and sooo soft!  I stopped in at a local fabric/machine/notions store in town here today because they have the best selection of buttons in Wichita and I spotted the navy.  I asked if they had any in other colors and so we went looking around the store and found the pale blue.  I may attempt dyeing that one a bit darker.  I’m not sure what pattern to use.   I view this sort of fabric for spring/summer type tops (but preferably not sleeveless) and relatively simple in design (no sleeve plackets or collars with a stand!).    Does anyone have any suggestions??


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3 Responses to Weekend Activities!

  1. I made it!! says:

    That is beautiful material!

  2. helen says:

    Gosh! You’ve been busy!

  3. Oh my gosh, home made bread and yogurt! Can I move in?? 😀

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