I haven’t really been sewing too much since I finished the gray top because I’m currently being a perfectionist!!  I did trace off Burda 7188,, but I haven’t cut the fabric yet.   I’m planning to make the version without the jabot in the purple-ish fabric that I keep talking about.  I haven’t cut it out yet though because I just feel the fabric is a touch too bright.  I ordered some acid dye from Dharma Trading Post last night, and I hope to mute it just a touch.  I tried the RIT dye, but I really don’t think it made a bit of difference.  The fabric is some sort of polyester, so I’m hoping the acid dye works…I know it works beautifully on tricot, so we’ll see.  I’ll definitely do a test swatch before I put the whole length in though!

For those interested, while I was tracing off Burda  7188, I decided to measure the shoulder seam on 7188 and 6909. For size 12 in both, 7188 was about 5 1/4 inches, and 6909 was about 4 inches.  No wonder it seemed crazy short!!   I haven’t done a muslin of 7188 yet, although I probably should, just to make sure it’ll work.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow night.  I really suspect that 6909 was drafted wrong.  I am very interested in what others have to say about that pattern…hopefully someone else will do a review of it!

I’ve also been busy learning about the Dressing Your Truth process.  I want to send out a HUGE thanks to Claire at for mentioning this in the comments on one of the color typing posts.  To me, it makes so much sense and I want to try it!  I feel 80% confident that I am a type 2.   I still haven’t decided what my secondary is.  Since I’m participating in the RTW fast, I will have a very slow wardrobe transition, but that’s ok.  It’s the journey, right?    Removing black from my wardrobe will be difficult, but along with the acid dye, I also ordered some leather paint.  Why you ask??? For painting my black leather shoes and belts, of course!  There will be some fun non-sewing projects coming up.  I picked out the first pair of shoes I’m going to experiment on tonight.  They’re these older Romika’s that I picked up in DSW years ago.  They’re super comfortable, but are looking a little beat up and could definitely use a pick me up.   (And I haven’t worn them for a year or two, so if I totally screw it up, it’s not a huge loss.)

Happy Sewing!


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