Still Waiting…

For my Dharma Trading package to get here.  The tracking info says it should be here Wednesday.

In the meantime, I haven’t been sewing, but I did manage to dye some things tonight. Here’s the before.


The top is just a nice thick blue cotton that I’ve been meaning to make into a t-shirt, the middle is a shirt that a friend gave me over the weekend.  It actually started out brighter than this and I dyed it in teal the other day.  The bottom is a tan corduroy jacket that my sister gave me years ago.  I put them all in RIT pearl gray tonight.  Here’s the after.


They all came out a little more muted, which was the goal.  My favorite though is the jacket.  I just never wore it because I didn’t have anything that went with it.  I just need to change the buttons now, but I think I’ll actually wear it! It’s a fitted jacket and it has just a bit of stretch in it.


Maybe my package will surprise me and arrive tomorrow!  🙂

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One Response to Still Waiting…

  1. I made it!! says:

    Very cool that you can dye things to the colours you want!

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