It came, it came!!!

It was Christmas in March in my house today!!!  Here’s the loot!!


There are acid dyes, leather dyes and some other things.   So, since they came and I was all excited, I got right down to it.  I dyed the purple fabric and it came out perfectly, but sorry I forgot to get a pic.  There will definitely be pics later once I make it up.  After dyeing, I painted some test shoes!
First, here are the swatches of paint,  in order from the left, mist, terra cotta, squadron, pewter and gray.  I’m most disappointed in pewter…it’s basically glitter gray.  I really can’t imagine using that ever.  But…it was only $2.69, so probably not worth the effort to send back.  They’re on a light gray t-shirt.



Here’s the completed shoes…the sandals were some Born ones that were black, now squadron.  I bought them a couple of years ago and have only worn them a couple of times (Ideal first victims!).  The others are the Romikas that I mentioned in my last post.  They went gray.  Overall, it went really smoothly.  The paint easily washes off your hands and was a breeze to put on.  I had bought some thinner, but I thought the paint was the perfect texture already.   These used hardly any paint at all.  I think these bottles will last a long time.


I still need to put some matte finisher stuff on them.  I wanted to let them dry overnight though just to make sure.  They were almost all dry earlier, but I figured it was best to just let them sit.

My big dilemma is what color to paint this purse.  I picked it up for $22 the other day from Kohls and it’s the perfect size, perfect strap, etc…


Next up though is the blouse that’s been waiting forever.  🙂  I’m glad I traced off and muslined the pattern last week.  I should be ready to role now!




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One Response to It came, it came!!!

  1. I made it!! says:

    I have never dyed anything.. too worried I would make a mess! Have fun with it!

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