The rest of the story…

And here is the rest of the story of Burda 7188.   I wore this to work yesterday and got pictures of it on me.


I will say that I LOVE this top for work.  Loose, comfortable and the sleeves are long enough! There will be more.

The right fabric for another one hasn’t entered my life quite yet, so I have moved on to T-shirts.  Years ago (about 5) my husband and I went on our honeymoon and I made several Ts from Jalie 2804.  Here’s my review. I loved those shirts and actually still wear the pink print one all the time.  I decided that some quick, easy T’s in my colors would be just the way to go to quickly be able to start Dressing My Truth more.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read  Also  So anyway, it was time to make Ts.  Instead of starting with what I know works, I tried the older Jalie 2005 just to see.  Here’s the result:


Looks great, right?  The problem is that it’s just a little too tight at the tummy area….whah whah whahh.  I’m so disappointed because the fabric is really nice and that V is practically perfect!!  I think that’s the most perfect V neck I’ve ever made!  I will wear it though…it’s not so tight that it rides up, just a little tighter than I normally wear.  I spent tonight comparing the 2005 with the 2804 and tomorrow I’m going to test a bit of a frankenpattern between the two.  The 2005 shoulders are also wider than 2804, but I had previously widened the 2804’s.  As it is though my modded 2804 is about a 1/4 less wide than the 2005.  It kind of surprised me that Jalie would change the shoulder draft quite that much, but I guess they did. The 2804 is also significantly longer, which I prefer.  I lengthened 2005 by 2 inches last night and really would prefer one more inch added.  The patterns also have you do the Vs in two different ways and I think I prefer the 2005 version. Mostly, I think I’m going to be making the 2804, with the short sleeve length of 2005, with the V neck technique of 2005.

I’m looking forward to my new fabrics getting here.  I rarely order online, but there was a recent knit sale going on at Denver Fabrics and I found a couple of really nice things on Fabricmart Fabrics.  I feel like I just need some basics in the wardrobe to build on. And I bought some gorgeous silk from FM Fabrics….I am totally looking forward to that box!

And thanks for the comments from the last post about being more particular about what you’re sewing.  I feel that I can sometimes make things too hard for myself (a RTW fast AND DYT in the same year?? Perhaps not the smartest thing I’ve ever done), and then to add in how I want things perfect because I know I can’t go out and buy stuff (well, I can but…I’m not going to)….perfect fabric, perfect thread, perfect buttons.  I can drive myself crazy sometimes!  Overall though, I think it’s good to think and be very conscious about what I’m making….I don’t want a closet full of clothes I made but never wear, that’s for sure!!!

I’ll leave you with a silly pic of my lab.  She laid like this the other night when my hubby and I were cooking dinner.  She can be so goofy sometimes.   How can this possibly be comfortable?!  And with a ball in her mouth! She was there for awhile too!





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3 Responses to The rest of the story…

  1. I made it!! says:

    That colour looks great on you! I haven’t ordered online yet. We have one huge fabric store close by so that is where I usually shop, but online stores have soooo much more stock! I’m always afraid of the extra shipping charges to Canada though! Aren’t Labs great!

  2. Laurie says:

    That turned out marvelous! And the color is fab on you! And your tee? From here the Vee DOES look perfect! Nice work!

  3. Amanda says:

    It looks lovely and the fabric looks great.

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