Burda 7576

Here’s my version!  I just made the top from this pattern, but I really like the other two pieces.  I think this pattern is a keeper.

IMG_20140530_195717 IMG_20140530_195712



I switched up the collar…while the small stand one was okay, I just decided that I probably wouldn’t wear it as much due to that relatively distinctive feature.  Of course, I didn’t decide this until after I had already sewn on the collar.  Since the collar was cut on the bias (a nice touch), I just trimmed it down and then bound the allowance.  Not exactly couture …but it worked fine!  I used a nice little pearl button at the back.  I was going to use a black button, but decided that the pearl was just prettier.

I will likely wear this with a black pencil skirt with a black skinny belt over top.  I have some green fabric to make another one, but I want to see how much I wear this one.  I usually wear long sleeves at the office so this will be mixing it up a bit.  Here’s the sewing room pic… 🙂


While I had my machines set up with red thread, I decided to start making a version of this:



This style of top is so easy to sew…It’s almost done.  I just need to spend about 20 minutes tomorrow to finish the hems!

Oh, and my sister got her dress!!!  I got the dreaded text message though, “Holy low cut dress!!!!!”  Ughhhh.  My 91 year old grandma is going to take off a little bit at the shoulders to raise the front a bit.    Other than that, my sister says it’s perfect.  She’s planning to wear it with the pink cardi.  Speaking of Grandma, here’s a fun video of her taken a year or two ago on her 90th Bday!  🙂    How fun is that?!  My grandparents lived down through the field from my parents house, so we were practically raised at their house.  She sews on an old school straight stitch only singer, but I didn’t learn to sew from her because I didn’t get interested in it until after I moved away from home.

Happy Sewing!






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2 Responses to Burda 7576

  1. I made it!! says:

    I’ve got the McCall’s pattern too. It is an easy sew, isn’t it.

  2. It sure is!!! I’m going to go down and finish it up now. 🙂

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