Mccalls 6566

Mccalls 6566 crossed the finish line today!!!!!!!!

IMG_20140530_204043 IMG_20140531_101114IMG_20140531_101146IMG_20140531_100425

First, let me say, this is a really loose fitting top.  I ended up taking in the side seams by about 4 inches total, and I also raised sleeve curve.  The shirt was super simple to make and if this is the type of top you’re looking for, I’d recommend it.  Instead of using bias binding at the neck, I did a simple turn and stitch.  It took me YEARS to figure out how to do that.  If anyone else struggles with that…there’s a TRICK! And for only $10M, I’ll tell it to you!   Ha ha…j/k.  Okay, so the trick is to sew a row of stitching around the neck just barely inside the seamline.  Then, when you fold the allowance under, the stitching provides that stabilization that’s needed.  Pin and topstitch.  I forget where I learned that from.  I used to get sooo frustrated with knit hems…they’re still not my favorite, but I’ve learned how to deal with them  mostly successfully (but still not perfectly).

Here’s the top on me.  IMG_20140531_100145


Yes, I really felt that tired today…it was a looooong week at work.  Hopefully I can recuperate a little more tomorrow and I sure plan on making next week better, if I can.

That top took hardly any time to finish, so then I moved on to making a muslin of Burda 7062.  Then I made another muslin with all my adjustments.   I’ll save you the saga, but I think I got the fit to be pretty good (or at least good enough).  They’re first getting made up in a cobalt blue stretch twill type fabric.    I plan to finish those tomorrow and if I like them enough, I plan to make  quick pair in some heavy black linen that I’m prewashing tonight.   I like to wash linen 3 times before cutting and I’m on the 2nd cycle now.

Here are some strawberries that I picked tonight. Aren’t they pretty?  We have a few everbearing plants and they’re really loving the cooler weather this year.






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3 Responses to Mccalls 6566

  1. sewgrandma says:

    11M on the way….hugs that is. I have been needing this tip for 3 weeks now. Super glad I read this. BTW yummy strawberries.

  2. Sewgrandma, I’m glad you found the tip useful. When I used to see someone post that they just turned and topstiched, I never understood how they managed to do it because every time I’d try, I’d end up with a mess! Good luck!!!

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