When a duck is not a duck..is it an osprey? or a goose?? or a horseshoe crab???

For those following along, I started out the year by joining the RTW fast. Immediately, I started obsessing about concentrating on what I should sew.  When your only option is to make your clothes, the allowance for errors/missteps in what one sews decreases since you can’t just run out to the store and buy something new…or at least that’s how I approached it.  I started focusing on what I should make, fabrics, colors, etc…  I’ve always been haphazard about it to date without a real focus and as a result my closet was full of mismatches.  So then, I found prettyyourworld.com.  PYW offers traditional seasonal color typing.  In her world, I’m a soft summer (muted colors with gray in them).  Then, I found Dressing Your Truth.  With DYT, it’s all about the personality NOT skin tones.  I thought that I was a type 2.  Type 2s are reserved, quiet, kinda shy, etc.  Then, I joined the facebook type 2 page and holy shazaamm, I DID NOT FIT!  Not at all.  In fact, as nice as the woman were, they were TOO NICE and it grated on my nerves.  Not that I’m not nice…I’m just not that nice. 🙂  So for a day or two, I tried on the type three attitude and it didn’t quite work either.  1s and 3s are high energy, 2 and 4 are lower energy.   I definitely don’t consider myself  “high energy.”  So with that analysis, the only option left is a 4.  4s are the bold, striking woman.  With a sense of stillness (like a 2), BUT also with the ability to be bold if they choose to be.  I’d say that’s me.  So, it should be no surprise that the styles are also bold.  Here’s a type 4 pinterest board. 

With that in mind, I’ve been trying to sew more bold clothes, hence the recent red tops and the cobalt blue pants that I was working on today.  Here’s a sneak peak of the pants.  They’re almost done…I just need to finish the hems. The pattern has you make slits on the bottom and I couldn’t decide if I wanted them or not, so I stopped there for the night.  Right now, I think I’ll leave them off, but I reserve the right to change my mind tomorrow.  This shade of blue is hands down my favorite color ever.


Here’s DYT type 4 outfit for today…it’s my recent Jalie V-neck tee and a pair of Burda capris that I made a couple of years ago.  They’re from Burda 8484.  These fit straight out of the package!  I think black and cobalt blue is my favorite color combination. 🙂


My hair is pulled back in a headband in that shot…I don’t normally wear it that way, but we were trying to get out the door to beat the Sunday after church rush and I didn’t have time to deal with it.

I feel kind of bad for my husband because he’s having trouble keeping up and he’s been humoring me marvelously as I’ve been trying out all these different things.  He says, “Emmy, most people figure out who they are when they’re teenagers!”  Ha ha.  I have officially dubbed 2014 to be the year of self improvement.  🙂

Here’s a fun outtake with Emmy Lou from this morning….she really wanted to be in the shot.  My type two purse there on the bar stool really needs to be updated….I just haven’t found one that I really like yet.  I may just end up painting that one a bolder color, but I’m not sure what color I want to go with.   🙂


Happy sewing!


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