Burda 06-2013-113

I’ve been working on this top this week.



My fabric of choice is a white stretch knit that in hindsight, is too thick and doesn’t have enough recovery.  😦

Here are pics of the almost finished top.

IMG_20140621_142651 IMG_20140621_142706

If you look closely at the side shot, you can see that my bra is showing.  😦  I’m disappointed.  I’m going to send it through the wash/dryer and hope that it pulls in a little more tightly.  The back neckline is too loose, even after I zagzagged clear elastic on it and the armholes.  Sad all around…I really wanted to like this one.  I’m not going to bother with the bottom hem until I see what it’s like after the dryer.

I’m not sure what’s up next.  I think I need to make some guaranteed success, though.   I do like the length on the top.  I added an inch to the pattern, but it wasn’t really necessary.

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2 Responses to Burda 06-2013-113

  1. isabelle says:


    i’m trying to make this top at the moment. but in the instructions it says i need 13.5cm of sidingstrip (is this the right english word?) to put around the arm holes and you need 2 of these strips. But 13.5 is kind of small to put all around the holl. did you put your elastic band all around your arms or only on the top (or bottom) side?


    • Hi Isabelle, it has been so long since I made that that I don’t remember what I did! I most likely followed the instructions and made the binding at 13.5 cm. I think the bottom part was just turned under and hemmed. It’s been awhile though!

      I was so disappointed in my version of that top…it didn’t stick around long and I banished most of it from my memory!

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