Change in plans!!! (AKA A Thesis on What Makes a Great Work Top)

A changes in plans is shocking, I know!  Rather than the more casual top I was considering,  I’ve decided that I’m going to sew another Burda 7188 out of the blue crepe fabric.    I made a purple-ish one here: and on me here: . This top is in the weekly work rotation and there are many things about it that I love.  Just to name a few…

It’s loose!  I prefer to wear mine tucked in.  It feels like I’m appropriately clothed for the office when I wear it.  Nothing too tight, too low, too see through, too anything.  It’s a modest piece of clothing. In the office, and really, in most of life, I prefer to err on the side of modest.

There’s no collar!  Now…I don’t really have anything against collars, but I find that some really annoy me, especially if their corners don’t stay in place.  I have one of those no iron shirts from LLBean and the collar corners are constantly flipped up!  Ugh.    But that’s not an issue with this top, since there aren’t any…problem solved!

I love the buttons I used, and I’ll need to find some equally awesome ones for the blue top.  I have a favorite button store here in town and I’ll go there first.

I love that the sleeves are long enough!. On average, my arms are about an inch or so longer than “normal.”  I can’t remember if I had to lengthen the pattern or not, but the end result is perfect.

The top is long enough to stay tucked in!   I actually wore the LLBean to work yesterday and because it is higher cut at the sides, it kept popping out…but just on the sides.   That’s not a problem with this pattern though!

LOL, okay, to some, this probably seems like a really wacky ode to a work shirt, but really, I’m stuck in whatever I wear for 10 or so hours per day.  I need to be happy with it.  I’m enormously happy with my previous Burda 7188.  I only have two adjustments that I want to make.  The first is to position the buttons/buttonholes a little better on the sleeves.  I made the buttonholes just a little too far from the edge of the fabric.  No one would probably ever notice anything odd about it, but the sleeve will lay better if I put them more toward the edge.   The 2nd is to add more buttons.  On the purple shirt, there can be gapping between the buttons because they’re too far apart.  I have it basically permanently safety pinned on the inside to stop that from happening.

I went down tonight and did some sewing room cleanup, so I plan to start tomorrow night, as long as I’m not too tired.

Happy Sewing!

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One Response to Change in plans!!! (AKA A Thesis on What Makes a Great Work Top)

  1. Well I agree…you just have to have something that fits in all the right places! Good for you!

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