Burda 7188 Take 2, and Jalie 3352

The 2nd Burda 7188 is DONE!!!!  Here’s the finished product:


I’m feeling very ambivalent about this top…it looks okay, but when I wear it, it feels like I have pajamas on!  There’s just something  that feels casual about that fabric and I’m not sure I’ll feel put together when I wear it to work.  Perhaps not the best fabric choice.  I’ll wear it some day this week and see what I think.   Moving on from that disappointment, since the machines were all threaded with blue thread, I decided to try Jalie 3352.  I had just picked up the pattern from Needle Nook Fabrics the day before and was anxious to see what I thought.  Well, I LOVE IT!!!!

IMG_20140802_154732IMG_20140802_181208 IMG_20140802_181228

It just fits.  Jalie’s usually work well for me and this is no exception.  I made a size S at the bust and a T at the hips and it’s perfect.  I would love to try it in the longer sleeve version, but I didn’t have enough of this blue fabric to do that.   This fabric is this luscious knit from Needle Nook as well, it’s the same fabric as the BOLD Vneck in this post. https://fabricthreadclothes.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/jalie-v-neck-tee/.   Oh, and I also have this fabric in yellow, pink, and purple!  🙂    I may go and pick up a tiny bit  more of it so that I could try the longer sleeve version of this top.  PR review here:  http://sewing.patternreview.com/review/pattern/101740

While at Needle Nook, I also picked up the new Burda Magazine.  Anyone else in love with this dress?
IMG_20140801_205953 IMG_20140801_210025

All I can say is wow…I don’t know what color I want it in, but I definitely want it.  I think in a ponte knit…I think they made the magazine version from wool flannel, but I think I’d like to have some stretch.  🙂  I skimmed through the magazine the other night, but haven’t sat down to look at it super closely yet….maybe later today.

This morning I did some practical sewing…ha ha ha.  About 3 or 4 years ago, my   husband wanted new slippers, so I did all this research and generally, the best ones that I could find for men were Uggs, so I bought them for him.  He’s worn them constantly ever since and had recently busted out the side seam.  I can’t complain about the quality on these slippers since they get so much wear.  I stitched it back up this morning…hopefully they’ll last a few more years.  🙂  He says they’re perfectly broken in  and he doesn’t want new ones.  🙂   The first picture shows the busted out part and the 2nd is all fixed up.  They’re almost as good as new.  🙂

IMG_20140803_103002 IMG_20140803_104327

I think I’ll be spending a lot more time in the sewing room.  My 19 year old stepson, and his 23 year old half brother have moved in with us.    Thank goodness I have a little escape that I can easily go to!!!  They’re both looking for jobs, so cross your fingers.  My husband and I are taking the hard road of not giving them any cash because we only view that as enabling laziness.  They’re both generally good people, just lacking ambition, drive and the ability to plan for anything. Hence why they’re both living here…

I’m not sure what’s up next…I need to think about it.  I have a few other little odds and end type projects I’ve been thinking about lately.

In other news, we have 10 ducks living on pond!!!  Here’s a photo of them.  🙂


Happy Sewing!!!

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3 Responses to Burda 7188 Take 2, and Jalie 3352

  1. I like the blue fabric – the colour anyway, I don’t know what it actually feels like! We have raccoons wandering into our back yard, I think I would prefer ducks!

    • These ducks are hysterical. It’s a Momma with her brood of 9. They like to steal my green cherry tomatoes from my plants and toss them around like they’re a ball. I’ve never seen anything like it. I have to try to capture it on video. They’d also love it when we found a rotten peach on the tree or one that fell and got all wormy b/c they’d get it!! They’d swarm at it and eat away. We nicknamed them the Peach Piranhas!

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