A new T pattern and Burda 7188 on me!

Finished product up first!!!!!  I got my husband to take a photo of me before work this morning.  This was taken around 6:15AM or so and honestly, I can’t believe how awake I look!  Ha ha!


Thoughts on the shirt after wearing it a day:  ehhh, about the same. It’s ok, but not my favorite.  I did feel like I was in pajamas, but it looks good enough.  The fabric is actually warmer than I realized it would be so that was uncomfortable when I had to take a hike outside to another building.  But…that will be a nice thing come winter.

In other sewing news, I made a muslin from the Hotpattern plain and fitted T tonight.  This is the older version of the pattern, and I have a couple of fit issues to work out…but that is why one makes a muslin!

IMG_0956 IMG_0955 IMG_0954

I DESPERATELY need a broad shoulder adjustment and I need to lengthen it a few more inches.  I’m going to try those two adjustments, do another quick muslin and see what I think.  There are some weird issues going on around the neckline, but I suspect those are from the poor shoulder fit.  Yes, this is a recycled T from a family reunion!  🙂  I’m going to have to look in the t stash to see what else I can reuse. I rarely wear the baggy type Ts, so I would love to have a pattern that I can use to consistently make them fitted!


Happy Sewing!

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One Response to A new T pattern and Burda 7188 on me!

  1. Aileen Rykiel (Spanky) says:

    Buy an inexpensive men’s undershirt with sleeves that fits your shoulders. Take in the sides until you have the fit you want. You can then use this as a pattern.

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