A Jalie V Neck Tee in Progress

I know, I know, who would have thunk it?!!! I’ve been so busy lately there hasn’t been that much time for sewing, but I did cut out (yet) another Jalie V neck. This one is in a really rich purple. I’m not a huge purple fan, but I think I will wear this one often with black pants. I still have the bright yellow one and the hot pink fabric to cut out as well. I’m not sure how I feel about the yellow. That piece of fabric may wait for something else….like Pjs or something. It’s pretty bright. 🙂 I would wear the pink one though. I do love my Jalie V-necks.

I’ve been thinking about what to sew next. I could use some little jackets for fall, like suit jackets, but not full on suit jackets. I could also use some more pants. I think pants are one of those things I can never have enough of. I had to take all my good work pants into the cleaners last week and ended up wearing dresses on two days. It was ok. I guess I could maybe use another dress or two in the wardrobe. They ARE easy to wear. I was even checking out the recent reviews on PR for dresses to see if any caught my eye. 🙂 Who knows what I’ll decide on…but purple T needs to get sewn up first!

More to come!!!

Happy Sewing!

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3 Responses to A Jalie V Neck Tee in Progress

  1. helen says:

    I’m thinking about pants too. Not something I usually make but with the RTW Fast I’m going to give it a go. Just need to browse for a pattern.

    • Helen, I love browsing for patterns!! There’s something relaxing about it. Burda’s are on sale at Hancocks right now, so I was going to run over tomorrow and get some quality time in with the catalog! What kind of pants are you looking for?

      • helen says:

        I’ve just bought Simplicity S1696 Amazing Fit. They look quite a simple no fuss trouser in the style I know that suits me. I’ve got a backlog of projects so it could be a few weeks until I get around to making anything.

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