A tale of three tees

First up – The purple Jalie 2805.  Perfect, as usual.  🙂  This is the perfect tee pattern for a fabric with lots of 4 way stretch.  


Next up is the same t, but with a Full Bust Adjustment.  This is a sample for my sister.   I made the same size that I use for me and just made the adjustment to the front piece.   Hopefully it’ll work for her.  


Last up is one hot off the sewing machine!  I put it together tonight and still need to hem it.  This one is Vogue 8536.  It’s designed for a knit with moderate stretch.  Someone recommended that I try this pattern and I’ve been waiting for Vogues to go on sale before I picked it up.  Overall, I like it, but dang, the sleeve needs some work.  It’s your basic design for a nonwoven pattern, and  it was almost impossible to ease it all in , even after I had trimmed a good chunk of it off.  

IMG_20140830_203505 IMG_20140830_203453


The neckline used a piece like #5 here, and I mostly followed the directions.



Hopefully you can see the pattern piece in the picture.  The pattern piece has a triangle cut into the ends, You stitch the ends together, fold, and then that forms your center V in front.  It worked out well.  The neck is sewn at 3/8″, I don’t know if I like it better than my Jalie binding method, but it’s a nice alternative. I sewed the band on, and then top stitched on the outside.  I don’t think the instructions mentioned topstitching, but it seemed the easiest way to keep the seam allowance where it’s supposed to be. The pattern also has marks for you to do some bust gathering, but I skipped it and just eased it in.

I think I may do a little pattern hacking to make this into my favorite less stretchy fabric T.  I have Jalie 2566, which is my favorite cardigan pattern, and it comes with a little T.  I think I may combine the body of the Vogue with the arms/sleeves of 2566.  They both take similar stretch fabric.  Braw-ha-ha, that just might work.   (Really, you say…how MANY T patterns is it going to take for her to be happy???!!!!  Yes, I admit that I do wonder the same thing.  🙂 )  Although, now that I think about it…I may try trimming the armscye and sleeve seam allowances on the vogue down to 1/4″  I bet that would make it easier to deal with. Hmmmmm.

I’m not sure what I’m going to sew next….I think I’ll leave Ts alone for a little bit.  I picked up New Look 6303 http://www.simplicity.com/p-11919-misses-blouse-with-length-sleeve-variations-br.aspx and I may try that next. It looks fun.   We’ll see.  I sometimes have trouble sticking with a plan!  🙂  

Just for fun, here’s a cute simplicity that I picked up the other day.  


  My niece is all about owls and its adorable. 🙂  


Happy Sewing! 





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2 Responses to A tale of three tees

  1. Nice tees! I always make plans then change my mind! There are just so many lovely things to see and do!

  2. helen says:

    I think your V neck application looks really neat in all 3 tees. I haven’t tried a V neck yet, still on scoops! But looking at my Sewaholic Renfrew pattern the neck band is how you describe for the Vogue tee.

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