Slow, slow sewing

Here in KS, the weather is quickly turning into fall, and I think the change in season just throws me for a little bit.  I’ve just felt amazingly tired lately.   Since my only real rule that I try to consistently apply in the sewing room is to never, ever sew when I’m tired, the progress that I’ve made recently has been slow….to be kind.  I’m working on two cobalt blue Ts, one for me and one for my sister.   They’ll look almost identical once done, but hers has the FBA that I mentioned in the last post.  I’m to the point of sewing in sleeves, sewing side seams and hemming, and that’s all that’s left.  Maybe I’ll have them done by the weekend.

In the meantime, let’s talk patterns!  I’ve done some shopping lately and here are some of my favorites.


This is a Burda 6838, and what I really liked about this top is how it appears to have a fairly high cross over at the front, and the back neck is extended up.  I’m one of those always cold people, so I like when I can get a little extra warmth.  It reminds me of Jalie 2682, one of my favorite patterns ever!  The PR review is here for the Jalie:  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve made the Jalie over the years.

Next up is Butterick 6031.


I just love lingerie…what can I say.    I think the last lingerie I made were the Valentine Slips.  I bought this Butterick pattern because I’m a pattern addict, and I liked the way it looked.  There I said it.  My name is Emily and I am a Pattern Addict.  🙂   Anyway, the pattern calls for 2 way stretch fabric with stretch laces.  I’ve read some really positive reviews on the panties in the pattern and I may give them a try first.  I see that Gertie has a tutorial on this panty here: It is really easy to make underwear and that tutorial makes it look downright simple.   My current favorite undie pattern is KS 2908.  I’ve made so many pairs of these, but apparently I’ve never done a stand alone review.   You can see a picture of some from this pattern here in this post as part of the bra sets.

Last but not least is Butterick 5215…a T shirt pattern!!!  Yes, I have another one to try!!!   I was tempted by this one because someone posted a pic of the pattern piece in their review, and holy shazam, it had actual curvature at the side seam in the fitted version!  I was surprised because most Ts do not have that much waist curve.  This pattern comes with three versions, fitted, less fitted and boxy.  Those are my descriptions; I’m sure they call them something different. 🙂 The other amazing thing about this pattern is the size range.  It goes the whole way up to 6X! I was surprised.  I think my envelope is small, med, large or something like that, so it’s definitely one of those ones that you have to check to make sure you grabbed the right size before checking out.



I have bought more patterns than this tonight, but I think I’m going to conclude this post here.  I need some sleep!

Happy Sewing!!!








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