The Repeat…or, two more Jalie Tees

As mentioned in the last post, I’ve been working on two Jalie V neck Ts and they are now complete!!!  The first one below is mine and the 2nd one will go to my sister.  You can see that the FBA on hers adds length to the front, but not any width at the hips.  I think she’ll be pleased.

IMG_20140920_151326 IMG_20140920_151515

It didn’t take me too long to finish those yesterday, so I pulled out Butterick 6031 and made the panty pattern.


Overall, it’s I like them, but it’s not my favorite style of underwear, so I may or may not make them again.  Full pattern review is here:

One of my favorite tools for lingerie sewing (and a lot of other sewing) are my duckbill scissors.  I forget what brand these are, but I LOVE them:

IMG_20140920_170405 IMG_20140920_170410

They allow you to carefully trim off excess fabric (like that behind the lace) and minimize the risk of you accidentally cutting through the wrong layer.   For these panties, you stitched the lace on my overlapping the fabric by 1/4 inch.  Depending on how precise you are (I’m not really super precise), you may end up with areas that have a little more than 1/4″  and you can easily trim that excess off with the scissors.  On most of my Ts,  I make the hems with a zig zag (I’m considering a new coverstitch machine -which is a post for a different day).  I usually use these scissors to trim off any extra at the hems.  If you have too much fabric back there, after a wash or two, your hem may go wonky.   You do still have to be careful while trimming, but they definitely make the job easier.

One of my other favorite tools is right there on the edge of my sewing table.  It’s a stick on ruler and I love it.  It’s so nice to always know right where a ruler is.  🙂  I usually use that one for measuring elastics and things like that.  It’s a very, very handy thing to have and was inexpensive.

Happy Sewing!

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3 Responses to The Repeat…or, two more Jalie Tees

  1. You have a sewing table. I’m jealous! Hey maybe I can attach a stick ruler on the edge of our kitchen table! They won’t mind! Nice tops, and underwear, I love the blue and it looks good on you! (The blue, not the underwear, I haven’t seen the underwear in person! 😚)

  2. I hope that shows up as an “embarrassed” face and not anything else!

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