Butterick 6031 and Kwik Sew 3342

While I had my laces pulled out, I decided to make the top to Butterick 6031.  Here it is!


This is pink fabric from Needle Nooks, in the same gorgeous 4 way stretch.  I have one more yard in yellow that I still have to use.  This fabric is perfect for this camisole.  The stretch laces are all from the stash.

I wanted to make some shorts to go with it, so I found OOP KS 3342 in the pattern collection.  The shorts are basically made like you’d make a 1 seam pant.  Here’s a shot of the pattern laid on the fabric.


You cut two, sew front and back center seams together, then sew crotch together.  It was reallly, really simple.  I just overlapped my stretch lace on the bottom by about a quarter of an inch and then sewed it on.  I think they’re cute!  Next time, I may not curve up the leg seam as much as on the pattern.  I also don’t think I”d like this pattern if I had made it as short as the pattern dictated.  I like the extra length.   I had to use a different stretch lace than on the top.   I plan to run into Needle Nook tomorrow and buy a few more, wider stretch laces.  I like to have them in the stash because it’s really nice to decide to make something and then have everything there that you need.  Here are the shorts, and then two pieces together.



Here’s my bag of stretch lace.  Right now, it’s just in a plastic shopping bag…does anyone have any great ideas on how to store these?   I could improve my organization in this area, that’s for sure!!


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6 Responses to Butterick 6031 and Kwik Sew 3342

  1. Rose in SV says:

    I wrap my fold-over-elastic into short skeins/balls, by wrapping the elastic around my one of my hands. I have to be careful about keeping the elastic loose (i..e. not pulling it tight). When I reach the end of the length of FOE, I wrap it around crosswise and tuck in the loose ends.

    • Thanks for the idea Rose! How do you store them once you’ve wrapped them? I definitely need to figure out something better than I’m doing now!

      • Rose in SV says:

        Unfortunately, I don’t have an elegant way of storing them 😦 . I have too much stuff. My FOE is stored in one on of three places. One is a large transparent rubbermaid bin (not an ideal situation, because I forget what’s there). The second location is an open cardboard flat (from Costco–it used to hold raspberry cartons)–this is better because I can see the colors, but it’s not great because it looks untidy (and it’s exposed to dust), but I can carry the flat to my workspace and quickly choose the right colors. The third place is a clear ziplock bag of colors (which resides near the open cardboard flat). I’m looking forward to seeing other solutions.

  2. Same here. After I have a “sewing box” that is really a Rubbermaid four drawer plastic storage unit on wheels. I can keep thread in one drawer, elastic and zippers in another, and so on and so on, whatever you need is all there!

  3. eva says:

    Hi, first love the blog! I have seen people wrap the lace around a cardboard flat and pin or tuck the end. They then write the amount on the cardboard. Then this can be stored inside a Ziploc bag to avoid dust in a draw. A twist on this is to use a cardboard tube, like a paper towel tube, and store on a pants hanger wrapped inside plastic or tissue paper.

    • Eva, Thanks for the tips! Maybe if I get my act together I could do something like that. Right now, I have laces stashed in 3 bags – 1 for nonstretch, then 1 for skinny stretch and the last for wide stretch. It’s not fancy….but it works! 🙂

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