Jalie 2568

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve used Jalie 2568 over the years!!!   I have the cobalt blue T ready to send home to my sister, but I wanted to put something else in the package, so I decided to make her a few from this pattern.  I made all 4 of these in about an hour.   It’s an amazingly simple, but effective, pattern!

Here’s what she’s getting:

IMG_20140927_205945 IMG_20140927_203144 IMG_20140927_203112 IMG_20140927_203030IMG_20140927_210021


When I mentioned that I’d be sending these, she also requested some bikinis too.  I plan to work on those ones tomorrow.   Sewing underwear is quick, easy and fun!  🙂



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2 Responses to Jalie 2568

  1. helen says:

    I can’t believe they took you less than an hour! They look great!

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