Finished projects!!!

I’ve been busy sewing lately, so I have lots of finished projects to show!

First up is Kwik Sew 3342. I had made the shorts from this pattern here: and I wanted to make a full set of pjs.  I used a medium for the shorts again, and for the tank, I made a small going out to a medium at my hips.  I did change the leg on the short so that it was more straight across.  Here’s a pic where you can see how I traced it onto the fabric.  This seemed much easier than actually modifying the pattern.



Just a basic pair of pjs….but I really like them!

Continuing on with the fun with laces, I made my sister several bikini underwear.  These were all made from Kwik Sew 2908, my favorite underwear pattern.  IMG_20141005_122810 IMG_20141005_122741 IMG_20141005_122701 IMG_20141005_122633 IMG_20141005_122606

I have a bag where I toss scraps of knit that are too small for anything besides underwear. It was fun to go through it and pick out fabrics and laces to match.   Here are the sets before they were made up.  I cut them all out and then sewed them production line style.



Here’s the finished versions all together, plus the other lacey ones.


She should be set for while.  I told her she was getting a smorgasboard of underwear.

Finally, I went to wear my New Look 6303, discussed here:  I was going to wear it to work and just felt the V at the front was just a little too  low.  I decided to make a cami to go under it and chose Kwik Sew 2498.


I went with view C front with the back and straps from view D.  I like being able to mix and match styles like that.  Overall, I LOVE this little top.  I think this one will be my favorite for little camis like this and I can see a whole mess of them in my wardrobe in different colors/styles.  I really liked the sizing on this pattern.  I made a small going out to a medium at the hips, and it fits perfectly.  I didn’t even bother to lengthen the pattern. I would like to try View A next, just the basic tank.

Here’s the muslin that I made super quickly.



And the finished product:

IMG_20141011_133005 IMG_20141011_133024


Here it is under the top:


It’s with simple basics like these that I’m really glad I can sew! I think it’s fantastic that if I want something in a particular color/style, I know I can make it! 🙂

Happy Sewing!







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  1. Pretty colour! It is nice that our hobby can be so useful and yet creative too!

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