We now interrupt the Bra Sewing Sessions to bring you…TWO Aprons!

My sister and her friend are having a Cookie Party for Christmas  and she called to see if I’d make both of them a couple of coordinating aprons for the party.  I initially declined and said that I didn’t want to take my time to sew aprons, but not one to back down from a challenge I relented after I found an apron pattern that I liked.  I ultimately settled on Butterick 4945, View D.  I liked that it was feminine and pretty with the flounce.


After deciding on a pattern, I went fabric shopping.  Excuse me if you LOVE Christmas Fabric, but dang, I thought everything I looked at was UGLY, garish and harsh.  Here’s a sampling from Hobby Lobby.  Joanns and Hancocks weren’t any better.


I wanted cute and pretty, but all I could find was UGLY.  I don’t think I have ever had such a hard time settling on fabric before.  Finally, I decided to go with this fabric that had cookies on it, and the other one had candy canes…a lot of candy canes.   I thought the food theme was appropriate.  Here are the finished versions:

IMG_20141115_175003 IMG_20141115_175441


They’re both acceptable, but they’re definitely not what I had envisioned when I started the project. I considered putting pockets on them in the contrasting fabric, but I think I’m going to leave them as is an add the bow.  My husband and I are traveling home for Thanskgiving and I will deliver these during that trip, so I plan to wait until after arrival to the bow.  Otherwise, it’d just get crushed in the packing.

The pattern was ok…it did the maddening jump around and I sewed the shoulder straps on about 4 different times trying to get them right. Partly my fault for not trusting the pattern, and partly unclear directions.  Oh well, they’re done (well almost once the bow gets added).

I’m now ready to get back to bra sewing!  Next up is going to be a bravo bella 2 with beige tricot and pinkish lace.  It will be so pretty!



Happy sewing!

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