A whole box of fun!!!

Kwik Sew had a $1.99 sale on their discontinued patterns this weekend.  I poured over the online catalog trying to settle on which ones to get!!!  I think it was HOURS I spent on this. I checked the mail today and I had a package from the McCall’s in Manhattan, KS!!!  I’d love to go check it out someday!!  I wonder if they give tours?!

Anyway, I got a bunch of goodies…Here’s the batch fanned out.  IMG_20141120_171538

Ha ha…I LOVE patterns…and for these to be for 1.99 each is a steal…even when I add in the shipping, they are still a steal!.

I’m going to keep my eyes open for the next sale…there are a few more that I wish I would have bought!   Isn’t that the way it always is?!

My beige and pinkish bra is in process.  I cut out the pink lace the other night, but I have just been so tired this week that I haven’t wanted to do more.  My only hard and fast rule is to not sew when I’m tired because bad things happen and I do try hard to stick with that rule…even if it does slow down my progress.

Happy Sewing!


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2 Responses to A whole box of fun!!!

  1. Don’t you love getting new things! My sister gave me two pattern boxes of vintage patterns, it was so much fun sorting through then!

  2. Wow, that is an AWESOME sister, Linda!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy reading the instructions on the vintage patterns!! Especially the ones where they mash the whole thing onto one page! Such a blast!!

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