Christmas Sewing – McCalls 5284

The Christmas Aprons, while not my favorite fabric, were a hit! So, as with all good things they deserve repeating!  This weekend, I finished a simple one for my mom. It has snowmen on it!  She LOVES Christmas and will likely wear this all year long.


IMG_20141129_205226  IMG_20141129_202039 IMG_20141129_202013 IMG_20141129_201947 IMG_20141129_201917


This pattern, so far, is my favorite, basic apron pattern.  There really wasn’t anything odd or tricky about it and I know I’ll be using it again!  I bought a bunch more fabric last night to sew some aprons for Christmas presents.  It’s going to be fun.  I’d run you through my fabric selections, but I’m exhausted tonight.

Why am I exhausted, you ask???  Well, it’s because my one dog is sick and in the puppy hospital.  She’s supposed to be released tomorrow, and I will be happy to have her home!!!   She should be all fine in time, but she wound up all irregular and dehydrated. I think it was because we left her behind at Thanksgiving and she just had trouble adjusting.  It’s possible her kidneys may be acting up as well, but they want to get her more hydrated before they make that call.  They said that dehydration can cause blood work to be all off.  Here she is sick and miserable over the weekend.



Awww, poor Camy!!!!  I hope she’s getting lots of rest there tonight!!!


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3 Responses to Christmas Sewing – McCalls 5284

  1. Nice apron! Hope Puppy gets well soon! 😦

  2. UtaC says:

    Great job on the apron and a good idea for Christmas gifts. Get well soon puppy. 🙂

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