The most wonderful time of the year….

If it’s sooo wonderful, why do I feel like it’s always soooo rushed?!!   Between work, home, sick puppy, general life, and the chaos that comes with mailing presents across country, I’ve been BUSY!!   In good news, I was able to spend some time in the sewing room today!!!!  I even have three FINISHED aprons to show you!

IMG_20141220_200232 IMG_20141220_195238 IMG_20141220_193950

These will be Christmas presents for family.  This is the same pattern that I used for the one for my mom, but I did adjust the top center front.  Her’s gapes in the front and I realized today that that is because I accidentally traced the wrong size!!  Oops.  She’s going to put a little tuck or two into it.   These ones are sized better since I realized my error.  They each have two pockets on them, although they’re really hard to see.   For the first one with the little carrots and other veggies, I decided to make square pockets rather than the curved bottom ones.

Next up will be the more aprons.  I have three more to sew.  I haven’t had a chance to get back to the ruffle foot, but it’s on the list.  I hope to have some time tomorrow.

Happy Sewing!

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One Response to The most wonderful time of the year….

  1. UtaC says:

    Great Job.. 🙂 I feel you on the rush.. it’s the final countdown at my end and I still have more to go.. 🙂

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