The Christmas Wrap

All told for Christmas, I made 5 aprons:

IMG_20141220_200232 IMG_20141220_193950 IMG_20141220_195238 IMG_20141225_153039 IMG_20141225_103428 (1)

Plus one pair of PJ bottoms.


(The way Darth stares at me kind of freaks me out!!)

I’m so happy with all of these.  The last two aprons- the ones with the ruffles- are so cute that I’m going to make 3, possibly 4 more.   I made them, and then I wanted one!  And  my sister wants one, plus two more for some relatives that live far away.  And heck…I may even make one for a really good friend.  Now that I’ve made two, I think I have the process pretty streamlined and could make one in a couple of hours.

On the pink one, I did put the pockets on it to start with, but I decided they were just too much and had to go.   I much prefer it without the pockets. Maybe they would have been ok if they were just in pink, but honestly, I think the apron is just as cute without them!


I’m not sure if I’ll use the same color schemes or make new ones.  I’ve been buying the apron fabric from a local place and the quality that I can get there is far, far better than at Joanns or Hancocks.  A lot of their fabric is older and it’s surprising how nice of quality it is!   They have my business for cottons, at least!  They had a really cool black and white print, and I was thinking of doing one with that fabric and a contrast red.  I think that would look amazing.  🙂  Maybe I’ll go shopping later.  🙂  The fabric store (It’s actually called The Sewing Center in Wichita, KS), is changing locations, and I know they’ll be open in the new location on the 1st AND are having a sale, so it may wait too.  🙂

To make the ruffles, I have been using my grandma’s ruffler foot.  It’s amazing!! There was a lot of trial and error, but I’ve gotten it to where it does what I need it to do consistently.  It’s WAY better than doing the ruffles by hand.  I make the ruffles and then stitch them onto the fabric in two steps.  There is a way to do it in one, but I wasn’t able to get that to work consistently, so I decided the two step process is just fine.  🙂  It’s nice because if the ruffle ends up a little too tight, I can just stretch it out as necessary and then pin on the fabric.  I LOVE using the ruffler foot…it does make me feel connected to my Grandma (even though she never used this foot!).  Here’s a couple of pictures.

IMG_20141225_103645 IMG_20141207_114056

Obviously, more aprons are up next kind of, but I also plan to work on some basic blouses for work.  I’m thinking about just t-shirts made out of crepe back satin. Kind of like dressy t-shirts.  I was “encouraged” to upgrade my work wardrobe and start to wear jackets, so I was thinking about having a bunch of little shells basically to go under them.  I know that tank tops are a little more traditional for a shell..but I really want some sleeves just because there may be times when the jacket has to come off. I talked about my issue with suits here:   My boss has since started wearing a suit though, so I feel that I need to reconsider my stance on jackets now (although I’m only moving grudgingly.)    I will likely be ending my RTW fast just a couple of days early because I plan to hit the stores on monday to see if I can find a few jackets to wear.  It’s difficult though finding ones that don’t have any annoying details AND are able to be mixed and matched with my current wardrobe.  I want to do a little browsing around on some websites before I go hit some stores.

Happy Sewing!

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5 Responses to The Christmas Wrap

  1. UtaC says:

    Love love.. great job.. 🙂 I am sure they all appreciated it..

  2. Thanks so much!!! I actually bought more fabric today to make 4 more! Aprons are fun! 🙂

  3. UtaC says:

    Wow… You were definitely on a roll. Awesome

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