2014 in Review

I always love the start of a new year…I guess I just love new beginnings…so much potential for good on the horizon!  Anyway, before moving on to the new, let’s take a moment and reflect…err, that’s too serious.   Let’s CELEBRATE what I’ve done this year!  There, that’s better. 🙂

I did a quick talley the other night and this is what I made in 2014.

2014 Sewing

That’s 87 things total!!!  I do like making multiples of things once I have them down, as evidenced by the T-shirts and Undies column.  For the most part, the Ts were Jalie 2805 and the undies were mostly KS 2908 and Jalie 2568.   Once I find something that I like, I do tend to stick with it.

Speaking of sticking to things, this was the year of the RTW Fast and I followed the rules diligently…until Tuesday!  It’s close enough that I’m considering  it a successful year.  I was encouraged to step up my work wardrobe a bit, so I went out and did some shopping today.  Could it have waited until January 1st?  Probably…but then the stores would have been more crowded since it will be the weekend and I didn’t want to have to deal with that, so I decided that since I was off and it made sense, I’d break the rules.   (I know, I know, I hear the collective gasp!!!)  🙂   I haven’t ever really liked shopping, so really not being able to buy clothes all year wasn’t that big of a deal.  The downfall is that my sewing is not fast enough to keep up with my needs/wants.   I’m mostly a weekend sewer due to work and I do stick with my hard rule of no sewing while tired so both of those limit my productivity.  C’est la vie.  I’m glad I participated in the RTW fast, but I probably won’t participate in one again for the forseeable future.  Kudos to all the women who participated!!  I think we all learned a lot from it.  Here’s a short, off the top of my head list of things I’ve learned (or were reinforced).

1.  I do not sew well under pressure.

2.  If sewing for something critical, it’s good to have backup plan.

3.  Making two (or more) of the same garment doesn’t really seem to take that much longer than one…as long you don’t have to change thread colors.

4.  I need to plan for seasons in advance…like start sewing for spring in late January (I do not do this well).

5.  I can fix problems now that would have once made me throw away a garment.

6.  I still need to be more thoughtful about what I make.  I don’t like:  peplums, some gathering and frilly sleeves…so I need to stop making stuff with peplums, some gathering, and frilly sleeves!   I don’t care how cute they are on others.  (Funny, that made me remember a cardi that I made that I forgot to include in the talley!  I gave it to a good friend because I didn’t like the gathers on the back.  It was cute…I just didn’t like it on me.I’ll try to locate a picture.)

If I had to pick one item of the year that was the star, it would be this one.  I wear it about once a week to work.  It looks as good today as the day I made it.:



Other stars would be the Jalie dolman T.  I tend to grab this if I want to look a little more fashionable and I also love the little kwik sew cami.  It’s so simple and looks great!!  I would like to have one in all the basic colors.

IMG_20140802_181208 IMG_20141011_133005


I don’t like to focus too much on the negatives, but I do have several items that haven’t proven worthy of keeping around.

IMG_20140530_195555 IMG_4410 IMG_0412 IMG_20140628_152712IMG_0921

They’re bagged up and are going to be donated next week (except the gray one…I’m sending that one to my sister.  I think it would look cute over leggings.).  Red is too faded and too short (and the gathers bug me).  The green fabric wrinkles HORRIBLY.   Blue is the same as the star, but the fabric stinks.  It’s kind of crinkle cotton and it’s just too heavy for the style and feels like pajamas….and it’s faded really quickly.

In 2015, my plan is to be smarter about what I make…better choices in fabric and pattern selections.  We’ll see what happens!!

Happy sewing!!



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3 Responses to 2014 in Review

  1. UtaC says:

    Happy New Year! This was a good round up. I enjoyed your feedback and review of things learned,made and your skill assessment too…. Wishing you all the best in 2015.

    • Thanks!!! I enjoyed looking back!! I felt like 2014 was a kind of messed up year for me b/c I wanted to be so focused on what to sew with a tight plan, yada, yada…but that just didn’t work out! I’m going to be more relaxed about 2015. I don’t really need to add more stress onto myself! Happy New Year to you too!

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